Please be gentle as this is my first time

Well helloooooo “cyberspace” is anybody really listening.  Listen?  Strange concept, are you listening when reading this?  Is there a voice speaking inside your head as you read?  Is there?  There is when I read.  An inner dialogue echoes through out my skull helping me comprehend what I am reading.  Maybe I’m the only one.  I don’t know as I have never asked anybody such a question until now.  It is strange to me how I confuse perception methods when related to that of the online “experience”.  Seeing hearing seeing hearing?  Maybe a new word should be (or has been) created to define the state of an organic being deciphering the pixles that make up the text that creates a “blog”.  For what is a “blog” but a place online where an individual can go on about their own comprehension and understanding of the encompassing dilemma we call LIFE.  As you read this I might as well be sitting next to you speaking to you drinking the bottle of cheap wine that sits beside me.  For this is an imprint of this very moment in my insignificant life captured for a time (I don’t know how long) in this online space where anyone with the know how can access it.  I wonder though… if you have made it this far through my rant answer me this.  Are these words a manifestation of your own voice coupled with your perception of how I might speak?  Or is there no auditory hallucination occurring with in your mind to better help you interpret what I have written?  Send me a response as I’m seriously curious as to the question I have just posed but also the question I ask above. Is anybody really listening?